Fitness Journey


Get your fitness journey underway with your free gym induction at Oriel Health Club as part of your membership package. Our fully qualified team of Fitness professionals will ensure you know not only how to use the equipment safely and effectively but how to get the most out of your workout and achieve your goals.

Step 1 - Health check

Get off to the best possible start with an analysis of your body and understand your focus areas. Health check includes:

  • Blood pressure.
  • Body fat percentage.
  • BMI rating.
  • Posture analysis.
  • Lifestyle & dietary assessment.

Step 2 - Training goals

Discuss your training goals with your Fitness Instructor and then learn how to use the equipment safely and effectively to achieve these goals.

Step 3 – Your Programme

Our Fitness Instructors will analyze all the data collected from your Induction and provide you with a personal written program specifically designed to help you work towards your training goals. A gym review is also offered as part of your membership to keep in frequent contact with your Instructor to ensure that your goals are being achieved and also to ensure that your program is up to date and varied.

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